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Current Physicians and Nurse Practitioners

  • Dr. Roxanne Baril

  • Dr. Adetola Adeyeri

  • Dr. Rozemin Kizuk

  • Dr. Olanbanke Olalere

  • Dr. Ismail Saliu

  • Lily Garcia NP

Please check the Chinook Primary Care Network for physicians or nurse practitioners in Lethbridge or surrounding communities who are accepting.


Palliser Medical & Travel Clinic is a full-service medical clinic offering patient-centered care.

Our clinic also offers medical risk assessment for your specific travel itinerary.

Besides vaccines for travel, we also provide seasonal flu/influenza vaccine, COVID-19 vaccine, tetanus boosters , shingle vaccine (Shingrix) and pneumococcal vaccines (Pneumovax and Prevnar). 

We specialize in women's productive health - providing insertion/removal of intrauterine devices (IUDs) and hormone-controlling sub-dermal implants.

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