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Consult Us About Our IUD Insertion Clinics

Palliser Medical & Travel Clinic offers IUD insertion clinics for hormonal and copper IUD. Patients DO NOT need physician referrals for this procedure and can make their consultation appointment directly by calling 403‑381‑1013. Consultations are covered by Alberta Health. Patients must have their AHC number when calling for an appointment.

Patients will need to answer the following questions during the consultation:

  • Do you have an IUD present or have you had an IUD insertion before?
  • Have you had any pregnancies?
  • Have you had a gynecological surgery, therapeutic abortion, abnormal Pap smear, colposcopy, abnormal bleeding or abnormal vaginal discharge?

What to Expect During the Procedure

For patients who have not had a Pap smear done in the last three years, our clinic will recommend that one be performed when we insert the IUD. Insertion of the IUD is covered by Alberta Health but the device needs to be purchased from a pharmacy; our clinic will provide a prescription at the time of consultation.

We will also do a pregnancy test before insertion of IUD. It is best to insert the IUD soon after the patient’s period. If there are any concerns regarding the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases, our clinic may recommend testing before insertion of the device. Occasionally, we may need an ultrasound to check the position of the IUD if the insertion has been difficult. This can occur if the uterus is tilted in the pelvis.

It is recommended that the patient brings along a feminine pad to use after the procedure as there is often some bleeding. We offer counselling and vaccination to patients who are at high risk of cervical cancer from the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). We carry the HPV vaccine Gardasil® in the clinic. The cost of the vaccine is not covered by Alberta Health. We do not charge for the administration of the vaccine.

We provide complete women’s healthcare in a safe and confidential manner. Contact us for more information.


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