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Learn More About Our Travel Consultations

Serving patients throughout Lethbridge, Palliser Medical & Travel Clinic invites you to learn more about our travel consultation services on this page.


If you'd like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.



In a travel consultation, we only need about 1 hour of your time to focus on keeping you as healthy as possible during your travel.


To allow us to give you the most complete information, we need you to book your consultation with us at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to your travel.


You will also need to complete the travel questionnaire that will be emailed to you prior to your consult. 

We request that you bring us a record of all your previous immunizations.  Your  immunization record can printed off from your Alberta Health's MyHealth Records online tool (requires registration).


We need as much medical information on your health history as possible including the medications you are on as well as any allergies that you might have.

A detailed travel itinerary is needed to help us determine your risks such as malaria, yellow fever and altitude sickness.


If you are pregnant or travelling with children we will request that you bring your pregnancy record and the children's immunization records.

We are a designated ‘yellow fever centre’. Yellow fever vaccinations must be completed at least 10 days ahead of your travel.


We will give you a schedule of any booster vaccinations that you may need during or after your travel. 

We carry all vaccines on site and will give you a record of all the vaccines you receive.


We will give you any prescriptions you need for self-treatment of traveller's diarrhea, altitude sickness and malaria. 


What's Included in a Travel Consultation

Wondering what to expect during your travel consultation? Here are a few things to expect.

Itinerary Assessment
We will ask where you're travelling to, how long you will be travelling and the purpose of your journey.

Accommodation Assessment
We ask where you will be staying (e.g. hotel, resort, hostel, family dwelling, tent, and so on).

Travel Disease Prevention
We go into detail about how to prevent the diseases that you may be at high risk for while in the region you're travelling through.

Food & Water Safety
We give you tips on food and water safety.

Routine Immunization Assessment
We check your immunization history in order to make certain that you're protected against the most common diseases.

Country and Region Specific Immunizations
Some countries and regions are at higher risks for certain diseases, and some have laws that will prevent you from entering that country unless you have proof of an immunization for diseases such as yellow fever.

Administration of Recommended Immunizations
If you require, or if it is recommended that you have certain immunizations before travelling, we carry and can administer most immunizations at the clinic. There is a return injection fee for those that require more than one dose. We are also a certified yellow fever vaccination center.


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