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Travel Medical

Make sure your vaccines are up to date before you take a vacation.

Palliser Medical & Travel Clinic Educates & Treats Patients in Lethbridge

Located in downtown Lethbridge, Palliser Medical & Travel Clinic is committed to educating our patients on illness and disease and doing all we can to treat and prevent it. We emphasize the importance of early detection and management of both acute and chronic disease, and we offer a wide range of medical services and screenings to help catch problems as early as possible. By catching and treating illness early, we can help you maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle. Contact us today.


Planning to Travel? Beef Up Your Immune System

If you're planning to travel overseas, be sure to schedule an appointment to visit our travel clinic. We will take time to carefully understand your plans, then prepare you for your destination by providing inoculations specific to the location you will be travelling. Nobody takes the time to plan a vacation in hopes of getting sick, but without proper preparation, this could well be what happens. Take the proper precaution to stay healthy to ensure you get the most out of your trip!

Please check the Chinook Primary Care Network website

 to find out if we or other clinics in Lethbridge & the surrounding area are accepting patients. 


Planning a trip? Make sure you’re up to date with your vaccines.


Book your appointment at Palliser Medical & Travel Clinic today.


We operate as a comprehensive family medical clinic.

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